Ukrainian Graduate Psychology Students

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One Year into the Full Scale Invasion of Ukraine - continued support needed for our Ukrainian Students

February 24, 2023

Thanks in part to your generous donations, three graduate students have successfully joined our graduate program in Psychological Sciences. They have completed classes in statistics, research methods, and specific content courses. They have started developing ideas for their Master’s theses, and they are thriving in our community of faculty and graduate students.


It may not surprise you that our students face ongoing costs, including those for medical insurance and unexpected medical expenses. Thus, we are asking for your continued support.

Happy Ukrainian Independence Day (and update)

August 24, 2022

Today, we celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day! And we also celebrate YOU! With your support we've met our project goal! Thank you!

Because we know every dollar helps, we are increasing our goal to raise a little more to support our students.

As an update, three students have accepted the invitation to join us. Two students will arrive to Flagstaff on Friday, Maryna and Maria with her two kids. Our third student, Ilia and his spouse are working on their VISAs and they will arrive mid-September. 

Maria and her two kids were recently featured in the news, visit this link  to learn more about great programs across the world supporting folks like Maria.

Additionally, if you are in Flagstaff today (8.24.22) please stop by today's Flagstaff Downtown Community Market between 4pm-8pm for delicious baked goods and to learn more about our efforts to help Ukrainian graduate students continue their education in Flagstaff. Our team at Northern Arizona University NAU SBS Psychological Sciences will have a table offering cupcakes, banana nut bread muffins, an assortment of cookies! Gluten free options will be available. Today's community market is from 4-8pm (free parking after 5pm) and located downtown at Aspen Avenue & Heritage Square. Hope to see you there.

Two students admitted

July 25, 2022

As of this week we have admitted two Ukrainian students who were civilians in the regions affected by combat.  

The first student, a 26-year old female, has stated that the war has transitioned her research interests to include stress, resilience, posttraumatic stress disorder and posttraumatic growth. She has shared that our “program could help me with mastering professional skills and bringing best practices to Ukraine.”

The second student, a 26-year old male, traveling to the US with his wife, would like to extend his current research and practice on child development. He states that theories in Ukraine mostly are connected with science of the post-Soviet space,” and he would benefit from the science-based psychology taught in the USA and at NAU’s Department of Psychological Sciences.

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