Ukrainian Graduate Psychology Students

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Your Gift Goes Directly to Students Studying at NAU Impacted by the Conflict in Ukraine

In response to the war in Ukraine, the Department of Psychological Sciences at Northern Arizona University (NAU) has created a program that will allow several Ukrainian graduate students to complete their education at NAU. We are currently working with faculty from several universities in Ukraine to recruit and place graduate students at NAU, many of whom cannot complete their education at home or find any employment. 

We have received interest from several students from cities directly impacted by armed conflict, from Kyiv to Odessa, and from Bucha to Kharkiv. Some of these students have lost their homes, and a few have small children. Our program, Psychology Scholarship and Teaching Exchange Program - Visiting International Psychology Scholar (PsychSTEP-VIPS), will offer up to three openings for Ukrainian students who meet the requirements of our program.

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Your Gift Supports the Travel Costs and Basic Needs of Students 

Your support is critical to the health and academic success of these students. While NAU will cover their tuition, health insurance, and a small stipend (~$45,000 total support), the students will still need financial support to travel to the Flagstaff Mountain campus and for other living expenses. Our goal is to raise $3,500/student to provide $500 for initial living expenses; $2,000 for round trip transportation to Flagstaff; and an additional $1,000 to cover unexpected expenses.  

All funds raised will be administered and distributed by the department with the NAU Foundation to ensure equity and support for students who have the greatest need. While our goal is to support three students starting Fall 2022, our plans remain flexible in supporting students in the coming semesters and years. 

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Interested in Housing a Student?

Although we are working with NAU to provide housing for students, we continue to seek no or low cost housing opportunities within the community, such as a room in a house, a mother-in-law unit, or a small home. If you are interested in housing or hosting a graduate student please contact

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The NAU Department of Psychological Sciences emphasizes the scientific study of mind, brain, and behavior and seeks to advance evidence-based knowledge through high quality teaching, research, and service. All graduate students take foundational coursework in statistics and research methods, and complete classes drawn from a balanced curriculum in social/personality, developmental/clinical, and cognitive/psychobiological areas. To learn more about the Psychological Sciences Department at NAU visit

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