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NAU American Society of Civil Engineers

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NAU ASCE is the student chapter of the professional organization American Society of Civil Engineers.  We work closely with local engineering companies and other organizations to help build up our community.  The NAU ASCE student chapter is supported by its officers, faculty advisor, NAU Civil Engineering department faculties, and the Northern Arizona Branch of ASCE Section.

Your #AxeofKindness supports NAU ASCE Capstone Teams

For the 2023-2024 school year, ASCE student chapter will be working with student groups to raise money for the annual Intermountain Southwest Symposium hosted by ASCE. This symposium is a regional competition leading up to the national competition run by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Our chapter will be working with students to gather competition members along with helping capstone teams who will be attending the competition. The senior Capstone teams for this academic year include Timber Strong, Concrete Canoe, and Steel Bridge.  These Capstone teams will be attending ISWS and will compete with other universities. ASCE will help foster a mentee and collaboration donation page to help encourage students to see this event and have the opportunity to meet professionals.  Please consider making a gift today to support our amazing ASCE Capstone teams!


The ASCE TimberStrong Student Competition provides civil engineering students with real-world experience in structural timber design and construction. The Ponderosa TimberJacks will act as a design-build construction firm and create a two-story light-framed lumber building that is structurally durable, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable. This competition exposes students to various aspects of the structural engineering and construction industries, including design and analysis calculations, design code navigation, structural drawings, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and construction planning and execution.

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Our team members are Mourtice Clitso (Construction Lead), Mariah Boler (Structural Analysis Lead), and Jenna Hays (Project Manager). We have been involved with TimberStrong for three years now and are motivated to bring home the first place trophy from the ISWS competition in April. We enjoy both the structural engineering and hands-on construction components that this project provides and have many ideas on how to design and build the best structure possible this year.

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The ASCE Steel Jacks team is one of the teams going to ISWS to compete in the Steel Bridge Competition. Run by AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) along with ASCE work to challenge students in their knowledge of steel design with a steel bridge competition. This competition offers hands-on experience with both steel design, fabrication, and construction. The student team run by seniors in capstone will work to give student the opportunity to understand software and design processes while building a professional persona with engineers and the industry. 

The steel bridge capstone team for the 2024 ISWS Competition is lead by Kristina Finley-Encinas, William Skaggs, Andrew Castillo, and Jonathan Gospodinetich. Our team would like to work on outreach to allow students to join the mentee program. The capstone is an amazing opportunity to see how steel design works for any future civil or structural engineers.


The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Concrete Canoe Competition is a capstone project that includes 5 team members. The outcomes include gaining experience in mix design of concrete, completing the structural analysis, and developing designs for the hull and body of the canoe, and most of all, making a canoe out of concrete float! The Ponderosa Paddle Jacks's goal is to produce a concrete canoe design that will be made of sustainable materials while having a sleek design, and maneuverability that will hopefully take first place! Some of the different types of applicable skills gained from this project are concrete testing, Solidworks, and AutoCAD. Solidworks will be used to create and analyze the body of the canoe, and AutoCAD is applicable to the cross-sections and drawings. By incorporating the different analytical tools, we hope to pass our outcomes and knowledge to future canoe teams. This will be done through mentee days for Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen by providing the opportunity to have fun and build applicable skills.

The team members are Dylan Condra (Project Manager), Jon Duran (Quality Assurance/Quality Control), Declan Geltmacher (Mix Design), Kevin Tautimer (Structural Analysis), and Derek Vecchia (Hull Design). Together, we will work diligently to learn from previous mistakes and advance the design for racing, technical presentations, and the display at the ISWS (Intermountain Southwest Symposium) in April at Utah State University. From our experience, we hope to apply our knowledge and create a canoe that will help future teams for years to come!

Are you an engineering student? Consider Joining the NAU Chapter of ASCE. It is a great opportunity for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to be involved in the NAU ASCE student chapter, as participation through volunteering will help individuals learn fabricated skills in practice and accumulate some competition experiences. For junior and senior students, it is very necessary to join the NAU ASCE student chapter in order to put classroom knowledge into practice and lay a solid foundation for future work.

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ISWS - Ponderosa TimberJacks

Our Ponderosa TimberJacks want to begin fostering new connections with our mentee program and with our other capstone teams. With your support, we will be able to create capstone project to win the ISWS competition.


ISWS - Ponderosa Steel Jacks

The Ponderosa Steel Jacks would like to fundraise for events and activities to collaborate for the ISWS competition. With the funds, they will be able to have on-themed attire and materials to create their bridge.


ISWS - Ponderosa PaddleJacks

As we enter the competition, we want to be able to foster creativity and allow students to learn about the design process. The canoe is an amazing opportunity to allow students to see how to mix concrete, design, and mold with the help of software and communication.


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