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NAU Global Brigades

NAU students in Honduras for service learning project
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Support NAU student development and experiential learning opportunities in Honduras!

NAU Global Brigades Club is an international movement of university students working together to improve health conditions in the developing world. 

In partnership with the community of El Apintal de Linaca, NAU Global Brigades students are provided with an international experiential learning opportunity to develop their leadership and collaboration skills while also having an impact on community health

Lumberjacks can apply these transferrable skills across future community development projects and in a variety of global locations.  Ensuring opportunities for these Jacks and the communities they chose to serve. 

Through an evidence-based model, NAU students work alongside local community members to build projects that tangibly improve lives in Honduras.  Lumberjacks work with local masons and families to build eco-stoves, restrooms, concrete floors, showers, and water storage units. To ensure long-term sustainability and maintenance, the Community Development and Public Health program team trains and empowers local community leaders in the formation of a Basic Sanitation Committee. The Basic Sanitation Committee is responsible for carrying out in-home assessments and monitoring the status of the projects. NAU Global Brigades also supports communities with healthcare, economic development, and clean water projects and uniquely implements these programs in a holistic model to meet a community’s health and economic goals with the end goal of sustainability.

This January 2024, NAU students will return to El Apintal to complete an entrepreneurship workshop current and potential business owners within the community to support economic growth into the community. Students will work alongside leaders to help them build out their community bank, and learn more about micro loans. Students will also build 6 eco stoves for families in need, providing healthier options for cooking in the home (smoke inhalation and lung issues from open flame is a huge public health issue). 

Our newest venture is to support five 6th graders to continue their education to high school. In this community, high school is not free. Students are required to pay around $100 per year for uniforms and materials, which many do not have access. The teachers in the community identified 5 students who are ready for the next level, so the Global Brigades Club will be raising funds to sponsor these five students to go to high school. $500 will get one student through 11th grade and prepare them to attend college if they choose. Thank you for your help in sponsoring a child!

WE are Lumberjacks!


Past NAU Global Brigades projects:

Summer 2023 - NAU students returned to El Apintal de Linaca to build 2 hygiene stations and 2 eco stoves, dedicated a well to provide families access to drinking water, built a school library, donating 100 books, and built a community garden made of recycled materials. 

Summer 2022 - built two hygiene stations, 1 eco stove, community clean up, workshops on public health topics, distributed hygiene packs (toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap) and completed community survey identifying needs within the community. 

Winter 2022 - provided food bags for 30 families with high need in El Apintal, Honduras to work towards closing the gap on food insecurity. 

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Curious. Passionate. Hardworking. Kind. You’re committed to NAU’s culture of care. Make a gift a this level, and you'll receive a limited-edition set of NAU Croc charms to show your Lumberjack pride.


Books for the school library

Education is key to any child's success. Books in Spanish are needed to help continue the growth of the El Apintal community. Books will be brought to the school in January with the student program. If you have books in Spanish, you can also donate them directly to Education Abroad and NAU.


NAU Global Brigades Advocate

Lumberjacks give back!! Together, parents, alumni, and friends of NAU that give at this level ensure all Global Brigades Lumberjacks are engaged and supported throughout their academic journey now and into the future.


Masonry training for community

Students will be working with local community members to provide vocational training in masonry to bring economic opportunities (money into the community) to support our mission of sustainability. Every $800 raised will help train community members to begin their new career.


Lumberjack Legacy

Commemorate NAU's remarkable 124-year history and uphold the enduring Lumberjack Legacy by making a gift of $124 to this extraordinary student-led initiative!


NAU Global Brigades Ambassador

NAU Global Brigades students work alongside local community members to build projects that tangibly improve lives of international communities. Gifts at this level ensure NAU students can travel to these communities to implement the projects they've designed.


Sponsor a student

In El Apintal, most students do not go beyond the 6th grade due to the financial limitations to pay for high school (unfortunately it isn't free). Your donation of $500 will pay for uniforms and books to help one student continue their education (7 - 11th grades) bringing more opportunity to the family and community.

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