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NAU Skateboarding Club

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NAU Skate Club

Established in August of 2022 to elevate the skateboarding community at NAU and the greater Flagstaff area. We do our best to foster a supportive culture that welcomes everyone to the sport, and provides opportunities for personal enrichment through skateboarding. 

We are rising fast, with 70 registered members who are planning public events, hosting free skate lessons, collaborating with local businesses and other student groups, producing videos, acquiring gear for new members, and working on getting a professionally-built, on-campus skatepark at NAU.

"[Skateboarding] is one of the main reasons I decided to enroll, I've skateboarded for the past 5 years and visiting the Campus and seeing all the skaters there and how supportive the school was helped solidify my decision to go." 

"I’ve made so many amazing friends and have found a wonderful space to be creative and social!"

"It has been the reason I have friends and helps me clear my head when school gets to be a lot."

"Build a skatepark on campus!"

                                                           -Anonymous survey responses

Hosting Public Events

NAU Skate Club's first event was held on September 17th of 2022. It featured a 32-person game of S.K.A.T.E. tournament, best trick contests, music, prizes, and an assortment of ramps and rails provided by Aspen Sports as well as generous members of the community. We considered it a success, receiving over 50 participants and 20 spectators. 

On October 29th of 2022, we hosted a Halloween-themed event at a local skatepark. This event was sponsored by three local skateboarding businesses, and involved primarily Flagstaff locals. It was a super fun time, and a great chance for NAU to connect with our greater community. 

On March 25th, 2023 we hosted another event inside the NAU Fieldhouse. This event was sponsored by 7 different companies, and featured live music from 3 local bands. It received around 200 participants, who will forever have a different perspective of what the Fieldhouse can offer. 

The last event of the 2022-23 school year was a hip-hop themed jam session at North Quad on April 18th, 2023. We worked with students in the Genius of Hip Hop course to bring music, art, and skateboarding together in a fun and welcoming event. 

Fall of 2023 started off strong with a Welcome Back Event, cohosted by the NAU Fashion Club and KJack student radio. We had a clothing and gear swap, music, ramps, rails, mini competitions, and prizes thanks to our long time supporters: Aspen Sports of downtown Flagstaff.


Skatepark Development

The world wide skateboarding community is surging in popularity after being introduced into the Olympics in 2020. To date, there are less than 5 colleges in the USA with on-campus skateparks, and none of them were professionally built. 


Beyond receiving national recognition, this asset would create an inclusive environment for students and Flagstaff residents to practice their passion alongside like-minded individuals, and serve as a longstanding symbol of NAU's dedication to student life. 

It would also concentrate the skateboarding activity on campus to a designated space, which would decrease pedestrian traffic in congested areas, as well as the degradation of the infrastructure associated with skateboarding. 

Responses to a survey, which was shared on social media in March of 2022. 64% of respondents were NAU students. 

Financially speaking, an indoor skatepark business model could also bring in over $200,000 per year, through guest admission fees, attracting new students, hosting concerts and other events, offering formal skate lessons, allowing groups to reserve the skatepark for events, and selling food and skate gear. It would become one of the first indoor skatepark within 100 miles of Flagstaff. 

Financial momentum from donors like you greatly benefits our community, and can encourage NAU to get started on this investment. 

Quotes from some of the top skatepark manufacturers in the nation place the cost of a state-of-the-art, 4,500 sqft skatepark around $250,000. We hope to give a portion of your donations to NAU, in order to help offset the upfront cost. In the near future, we hope to set up a separate account to receive donations dedicated solely to our skatepark initiative. NAU students and Flagstaff residents will be thankful for generations to come. 

Creating a Welcoming Environment 

New skateboarders face an economic hurdle of around $150 to set up their first skateboard. In order to share the love of skateboarding with a greater audience, we hope to provide skateboards and essential gear to new members who will benefit from the financial assistance. 

Due to popular demand and responses to our surveys, we have begun hosting weekly skateboarding lessons, to create a more welcoming environment for those stepping on the board for their first time. 

Commitment to our School

Our community is aware of our impact on campus furniture and infrastructure, and is committed to working with NAU faculty to reduce damages caused by skateboarding, and many of us believe that the best long term solution to mitigate these damages is to create designated spaces for skateboarding on campus. The skatepark we are striving for, would satisfy this need to the utmost degree, and has been a foundational goal of our club since the start. 


The NAU Skate Club is tremendously grateful for your consideration and support. We have ambitious goals which could be drastically amplified by your generous contributions.

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Boost our events to the next level, by providing us with the push to bring better and more frequent opportunities to the community.


Skatepark Momentum Boost

Help accelerate our initiative to bring a professionally built, on-campus skatepark to NAU!

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