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Support NAU employees in need

For over 25 years, the Santa’s Sleigh Fund, now known as the Employee Lumberjack Fund, has given over $50,000 to Northern Arizona University employees to assist them in times of need.

The purpose of the fund is to provide small, one-time monetary gifts to full-time NAU employees facing severe financial hardships or personal tragedies. In the past, it has been used for children’s holiday presents, doctor bills, cancer treatment and rent. 


The impact of your gift

This fund is entirely supported by people like you. Any amount makes a difference for an employee with emergency needs. And your gift lets employees know that their Lumberjack community cares about them.  

History of Santa's Sleigh

Don Dufek and Chris Johnson, who both worked in Transportation Services Center in November, while reading a request for employees to donate during the holidays, observed Facility Services employees walking around with duct tape on their jackets and recognized employees are in need. This inspired them to do something. They decided to start a program to provide financial assistance initially for staff in Facility Services but within a few years it was opened up to all campus employees. 

In its first year they raised $350 and then $700 by the second year and finally raised over $1000 collected in its third year. Don worked with Bob Crozier to institutionalize the program through NAU Foundation. Bob was instrumental helping Don moving the program forward.  Don's daughter Candra drew a sleigh and her sisters Brandi & Margo added color. All three of Don's daughter would eventually attend and graduate from NAU. The design was then built by Carpentry and used across campus to promote the program. 


Santa's Sleigh was a labor of love and a true family endeavor. Don retired in spring 2021 and handed over the reins and with his blessing the program has been updated to the E.L.F program (Employee Lumberjack Fund). Don is still around campus and continues to support and promote the program. 

Give now to help Lumberjacks in need.  


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