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Support self expression and community through skateboarding @ NAU

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Support the NAU Student Experience

NAU Skate Club

Established in August of 2022 to elevate the skateboarding community at NAU and the greater Flagstaff area, through promoting a supportive culture that welcomes everyone to the sport, and providing enriching opportunities for personal development through skateboarding. NAU Skate Club is rising fast, with over 40 registered members who are busy working on hosting public events, collaborating with local businesses, producing media as a team, acquiring gear for new members, and working on getting a professionally-built, on-campus skatepark at NAU.

"Skateboarding is more than a hobby. For many, it’s a lifestyle and a form of self-expression.

Arguably more than a sport, skating is art. It allows the individual to have freedom of expression. In addition to the practice of their sport, the skating videos some make to showcase their skill are exceptionally edited, and include music and effects that represent the individual’s style.

Skateboarders see everyday places like stairs and sidewalks differently than the average person, they see opportunities for a skate spot on any street. Skating is rich in its own culture, and that’s what attracts the many people who appreciate it."

-The Lumberjack, February 2022

Public Events

NAU Skate Club's first event was held on September 17th of this year. It featured a 32-person game of S.K.A.T.E. tournament, best trick contests, music, prizes, and an assortment of ramps and rails provided by Aspen Sports as well as generous members of the community. It was a great success, receiving around 50 participants and 20 spectators. 

The next event is a Halloween-themed skatepark session scheduled for later this month. Our hope is to make this event even better, by providing free food and stickers to all of our participants. We are counting on the generosity of donors like you to make this possible. We are incredibly grateful for your support.

Skatepark Development

As the skateboarding community continues to grow around the world, it becomes more obvious how valuable an on-campus skatepark would be to NAU. This asset would create an inclusive environment for all students to practice their passion alongside like-minded individuals, and open up an entirely new avenue for physical activity to complement our existing recreation amenities. It would also concentrate the skateboarding activity on campus to a single location, which would decrease pedestrian traffic in congested areas, as well as the degradation of the infrastructure associated with skateboarding. 

Responses to a survey, which was shared on social media in March of this year. 64% of respondents were NAU students. 

To fund this development, we are primarily seeking NAU's support, through avenues such as Elevating Excellence and the Sustainable Smart Campus Master Plan. Your donation supports the growth of our club, which in turn promotes our cause for getting this skatepark. It will also allow us to purchase our own ramps and rails which we can use in the meantime. 

Supporting Newcomers 

New skateboarders face an economic hurdle of around $150-$200 to set up their first skateboard. In order to share the love of skateboarding with a greater audience, we hope to provide skateboards and essential gear to new members who will benefit from the financial assistance. 

Commitment to Serving our Community

Our club is aware of our impact on campus infrastructure, and is committed to working with our University to make right, the damages caused by skateboarding. At the top of our priorities is replacing the bench at The Wedge, with a new one which will be much more resilient to grinds and slides, as well as provide seating for pedestrians. 


Choose a giving level


Student Axe of Kindness

You’re a Jack committed to NAU’s culture of care. Your gift ensures fellow students’ health and well-being are supported and all students have the opportunity to engage in a diverse offering of club activities and events.


Club Advocate

You’re a Jack committed to enriching the student experience. You know how vital NAU student clubs are to making friends, developing leadership skills, and expanding interests. To show our gratitude for your #AxeofKindness⛏️, you will receive a limited-edition embroidery sticker to show your NAU pride year-round.


Lumberjack Legacy

Lumberjacks give back!! Together, parents, alumni, and friends of NAU that give at this level ensure all Lumberjacks are engaged and supported throughout their academic journey now and into the future. To show our gratitude for your #AxeofKindness, you will receive a personal thank you from the club and a set of limited-edition embroidery stickers to show your NAU pride year-round.


New Skateboard

If you select this option, your donation of $150 or more will go directly to buying a brand new complete set-up for a member in need. This skateboard will provide someone with an entirely new way to make friends, develop skills, improve physical health, and be part of a community.


Replace the Bench

Your donation of $300 or more will allow us to replace the current picnic table that is at The Wedge with one that will keep skateboarders in mind, and last a lot longer. Our campus appreciates your support!

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