Hispanic and Latine Initiatives

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Hispanic and Latine Initiatives

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Celebrate National Hispanic, Latiné Heritage month with your gift to the Hispanic/Latinx Student Success Fund. The mission of Hispanic/Latine Student Services is to promote, amplify, and celebrate the Hispanic/Latiné student community and partner across campus to develop, implement, and assess the practices and strategies that help ensure a positive and successful student experience. Learn about other resources on the Hispanic, Latine Student Services webpage.

Join an event on campus

National Hispanic, Latiné Heritage month is celebrated every year from Sept. 15 through Oct.15. This month-long celebration traditionally honors the culture, history and contributions of the Hispanic and Latiné communities.  Join one of the official NAU events to celebrate sponsored by The Office of Inclusion. Through these events, NAU strives to honor the culture, history and diversity of individuals in the Latina/o/x community.

“The most important thing to me about Hispanic, Latina/o/x Heritage Month is recognizing the contributions of my history, culture and achievements that we have brought to this country,” said Vidal Mendoza, assistant director of Hispanic, Latina/o/x Initiatives at NAU. “As a Latina, staying connected with my roots is a huge part of my identity that I own with pride. Unfortunately, identifying as Hispanic or Latina/o/x isn’t necessarily looked upon with a smile or admiration. But even so, I am proud of identifying as a Latina, Mexicana or Chicana. I love my brown skin, rich culture and community. The diversity within our people is so vastly different and beautiful all at once.”

The monthlong celebration at NAU is planned by a variety of on-campus groups and partners. and other student clubs and organizations work together to create an inclusive celebration for all Lumberjacks.

“The overall goal I have for celebrating Hispanic, Latina/o/x Heritage Month on campus is for students who identify that way to know they have a community of support here at NAU,” Mendoza said. “Being a predominantly white institution is a huge culture shock for our Hispanic, Latina/o/x students, and many find it intimidating. Cultural representation is something I valued as an NAU student, and I am sure many students today still feel the same.”

All members of the NAU community are invited to attend the events happening across campus.

“You will quickly get pulled in by our collectivist nature and familial tendencies, it will be hard to stay away,” Mendoza said. “Faculty and staff can get involved by attending our events and encouraging their students to attend. We have a vast array of events that are planned. Some even may be an extra credit opportunity!”

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