Climate and Sustainability

Support the Jacks that protect our planet

Climate and Sustainability

Do you have a passion for protecting planet earth?  
The world needs courageous people like you, and NAU is a natural partner to your personal mission to protect the environment. 

Support climate science and sustainability efforts at NAU 

At NAU, students live, learn, eat, play, make purchases, use energy, and participate in every possible aspect of life—NAU is a micro-community! As such, NAU has the opportunity to demonstrate to larger cities, the nation, and the world what a truly healthy and sustainable environment can look like. Not to mention, NAU is helping to train the next generation of environmental scientists who will help address global issues like climate change.  

Looking for a way to make your impact on climate science and sustainability efforts? You can make a real difference by donating to one of these funds:

  • Sustainable Communities Innovation Fund - The Sustainable Communities program helps students identify the intersecting economic, social, and political processes that create problems, enabling them to address the root causes and contribute to positive social change in our communities. This program cultivates dynamic, well-rounded leaders in sustainability, civic engagement, interdisciplinary research, and social justice who are ready to address issues like food sovereignty, plastic pollution, and other social and environmental challenges. Learn more on the Sustainable Communities webpage.

  • Environmental Sciences - Issues of sustainability, climate change adaptation and mitigation, environmental justice, biodiversity, and increasing demand for finite food, water, and energy resources become more critical every day. The environmental studies program at NAU trains students to better understand and improve our relationship with the natural world. This fund provides general support for the program, including internships. Watch the video above to see the impact you can have for students in this program!

  • Office of Sustainability - It is the Office of Sustainability’s vision to showcase a living laboratory where students study and participate in the development of social equity, economic stability, and environmental stewardship. They seek to create, maintain and enhance the NAU Mountain Campus through continuous improvement and sustainable practices. The Office utilizes NAU’s Sustainability Action Plan to promote environmental stewardship in areas across campus. Learn more on the Office's webpage.

  • Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss) - Ecoss faculty, staff, and students study how ecosystems respond to and shape environmental and climate change and work to communicate those discoveries in new ways to local and global communities. Collaborating with national laboratories and home to state-of-the-art research facilities, Ecoss trains scientists to apply broad trans-disciplinary thinking and leading-edge methods to the pressing challenges facing Earth. Learn more on the ECOSS website. Once 10 people make a gift to Ecoss for Giving Day, Bruce Hungate and Jane Marks will donate $1,000 to support the center. Give now and magnify your impact!

  • Monarch Butterfly Conservation Internship – Support a student studying monarch ecology and habitat and have twice the impact on Giving Day. Former NAU professor Dr. Mike Wagner will match every dollar to the internship up to $2,000 on April 13!

  • Yellow Bike Fund - The Yellow Bike Program is a Green Fund initiative on NAU’s campus providing an environmentally and socially sustainable transportation option for students, staff, and faculty. The bike program provides free access to bikes, creating more equitable and sustainable transportation opportunities on campus. Individuals can borrow a yellow bike for up to seven days, which will also include a lock, key, and helmet. Learn more on the Yellow Bike webpage.

  • School of Earth and Sustainability Seminar Fund – Did you know that the School of Earth and Sustainability (SES) offers a seminar series each semester? Support this informative lecture series, then join the SES listserv to learn about future seminars on the SES Seminar webpage.
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