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Join the COVID-19 response - Support NAU students facing food insecurity 


Since its inception as a senior capstone project in 2012, Louie’s Cupboard, the on-campus food pantry, has been on a mission to reduce hunger. The Cupboard provides non-perishable canned and boxed goods, including vegetables, fruit, meat, beans, pasta, grains and more, through biweekly distributions.


The demand had already been increasing, with nearly 1,000 visits in fall 2019, 66% more than the number of visits in spring 2019. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating new challenges, more students are facing unexpected financial costs and temporary loss of income, putting them at-risk for food insecurity. The program now anticipates the demand will increase significantly in the coming weeks and months.


Worrying about their next meal can add significant pressure on Lumberjack students. Several students who utilized the service share the importance of this resource:

  •  “Louie's Cupboard has given me the opportunity to focus on my schoolwork instead of worrying when my next meal will be or if I'll have enough money for food."    
  • “Being an international student Louie's Cupboard has helped me to not lack food, knowing that sometimes buying things from the grocery stores is expensive. Louie's Cupboard has helped me not worry about what to put on my table and how to get what I need to remain successful at NAU.”        
  •  “The food pantry has allowed me to not be hungry during classes, which was a distraction before learning about Louie’s Cupboard. I am so grateful for this resource.”


The impact of your gift  


Louie’s Cupboard ordinarily accepts donations of non-perishable items, particularly foods that don’t need to be cooked, such as cereal, apple sauce, juice, etc. In these times of social distancing, however, you can make a financial gift to ensure the pantry remains stocked for those who need it.

A little bit goes a long way—just $11 provides all this for a two-person household:

  •     1- box cereal

  •     3-cans of black beans

  •     3-canned meats ( chicken or tuna)

  •     2-canned fruits (pears or peaches, or mixed fruit)

  •     3-canned vegetables (green beans, carrots, sweet peas or corn)

  •     2-Pastas (spaghetti, and mac and cheese)

  •     1-can of spaghetti sauce

  •     1-package of rice

  •     1-jar of peanut butter

  •     1-container of jelly

This fund is entirely supported by people like you. Any amount makes a difference for a student facing food insecurity. Your support can help ensure that more students have what they need. Your gift could make the difference in keeping students on track to graduate.

And above all, your gift lets students know that their Lumberjack community cares about them.


Give now to help Lumberjacks in need.  


How to get help

If you are an NAU student experiencing food insecurity, visit the Louie’s Cupboard website for more information.


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