Lumberjack Emergency Assistance Fund (LEAF)

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Join the COVID-19 response—Support NAU students in crisis


The Lumberjack Emergency Assistance Fund (LEAF) initially began to provide a safety net for students in crisis. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating new challenges, more students than ever before are facing unexpected financial costs and temporary loss of income.  

The Office of the Dean of Students  created a COVID-19 Micro-Grant within LEAF to help meet the increased demand for support, offering up to $250 to students in need. Understanding that time is of the essence for these students, the accessible application process for students is designed to be straightforward and efficient. Applications are reviewed and approved daily and students receive emergency funds within days.  

The micro-grant launched March 18. Naturally at a time like this, demand for these funds skyrocketed immediately, depleting the fund balance rapidly.

With great uncertainty right now, and not knowing the full extent of the need just yet, the LEAF program expects at least another 200 students to apply, which means the need will likely exceed $50,000 in the coming weeks.  

That’s where YOU come in. There are positive ways for you to take action.  


The impact of your gift

NAU LEAF micro-grants are a way for donors to have an immediate, direct impact on students in need. The micro-grants help students who are worried about paying rent, or acquiring computer equipment, or paying healthcare costs.  

This fund is entirely supported by people like you. Any amount makes a difference for a student with emergency needs. Your support can help ensure that more applications are approved. Your gift could be the difference to keep students on track to graduate.  

And above all, your gift lets students know that their Lumberjack community cares about them.  


Give now to help Lumberjacks in need.  



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